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We have lots of news this month: Beginning this coming Saturday, February 3rd, at 10 AM the Friends of Ivanhoe will be hosting a debate of the candidates for Tyler County District Attorney. Realizing the importance of informed voting it was decided to invite them to debate so that we could have the opportunity to experience them in person answering questions. Be sure and be there!

In our last newsletter, I mentioned having submitted an application for a CDBG grant for roadwork. We have not yet gotten word from our grant writer as to whether or not it has been granted. We were hoping to have word by the end of January.

We have a new addition to our office staff, courtesy of Workforce Solutions for one whole year! Malisse Taylor (daughter of Lea Craven) began work the 25th and we are absolutely thrilled to have her.

Next to come on board is David Marshall, who has agreed to taking on the volunteer position of Public Works Coordinator. Please take a look at his Bio. He brings a great deal of expertise and will be the go-to person for concerns. Instead of calling the office and reporting problems to CD, please call David. The number is: 409-550-9498. Since he is retired he will be more available to assess needs and work closely with Foreman Michael Webb in establishing an efficient work plan.

Another great addition to our volunteer team is former Council Member, Will Warren. For those of you who may not know, Will has stepped up to assist us in establishing our HR department. Now that we have employees this is extremely important and we are so grateful to have someone with his experience advising us.

Rehearsal has begun for Lakeside Theater Company’s upcoming dinner theater, with 16 cast members participating! It is really exciting to have so many new people getting involved! “Death by Dessert” by Nathan Hartswick will be presented March 16, 17 & 18th.

During a Special Meeting January 31st it was decided to move forward with a Bond Election to be held in May to be able to do much-needed road work. We will be holding MANY Town Hall Meetings to present the plan to our citizens. Please make sure to attend. Meeting schedules will be posted on the City Website, on the front information sign and sent to the email contact list.

At our January Council Meeting, Brad Elrod came on board as our new City Attorney. We are thrilled to welcome him. We would like to thank Tim McDonough for his 5 plus years of service in this capacity.

As most of you know, Council members cannot participate in Social Media. Please be aware that Facebook pages that have been created are in no way official and unfortunately a great deal of mis-information is posted on these pages. All of our records are open. Please get the facts straight before posting things that are not true and call the office or your council members to ask questions if you are concerned about issues. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cathy Bennett

David Marshall Bio

In 1986 David went to work for TxDoT, beginning his career in roadway maintenance, construction and heavy equipment operation.

After 11 years he began his teaching career with the Texas A&M University, working with their Texas Engineering Extension Service. He was responsible for the instruction of asphalt materials and their correct applications and the safe operation of heavy equipment.

After 8 years he was asked to return to TxDot as a maintenance supervisor within the Houston District. He was responsible for approximately 450 miles of roadways within Fort Bend County. He remained in this position for 4 years, at which time he received an opportunity to return to teaching with Amarillo Jr. College to instruct TxDOT employees once again.

He retired in 2016 with a combined total of 30 years of State Service. Even in retirement, he continues to teach for TxDoT.

Ivanhoe IRIS Alerts:

As a follow up to the Town Hall Hurricane Harvey De-Briefing meeting we held in October, it has been arranged for IRIS alerts pertaining exclusively to Ivanhoe to be sent via cell phone. You do need to sign up by calling the Emergency Management office. 409-331-0874.


 Greetings Neighbors!

As we begin the spring season and experience the beauty of the new foliage and flowers, it is the perfect time to have Clean-Up Month in Ivanhoe! At our February Council Meeting it was decided to assist folks in removing unwanted old appliances. If you have anything of that sort that you would like to get rid of we will arrange for pick-up and, if needed, assistance in getting your things out to the street. Call 409-550-9498.

As everyone is aware by now, the City has obtained quite a bit of equipment in the past year and set aside $60,000 (overage from last year) for the acquisition of additional equipment this year. The reason this is so important to us is that we do not have to pay the cost of overhead for someone else to do our work. Also, the City has control of scheduling when work will be done. This actually saves us money. A good example is the side-boom mower attachment for the Mini-ex. In the past, we have had to contract with the county to do our side boom mowing which cost at least $5,000 each time. The cost of the attachment was $4,500 and so it paid for itself in one use. Friday, the 23rd of February, a special meeting was called for the purpose of approving the purchase of a dump truck. We are going to be doing major work on our drainage problems and we will need a dump truck to haul the sand/dirt from ditches, etc. We currently are paying $55.00 per hour for the rental of a dump truck and are subject to availability. With the work that is planned, it will pay for itself in a relatively short time. The expenditure was approved subject to inspection and as of this date the truck has not yet been purchased.

We took advantage of the meeting to also schedule the Town Hall Meetings to discuss the upcoming Bond Election. Dates are: March 27th at 6:30 PM and April 21st at 10:00 AM; and will be held at the Ivanhoe Community Center. We are hoping that our citizens will come and bring their questions. Printed material will be available as soon as we get the info from the engineers.

I again, would like to encourage our citizens to come to meetings, visit our website, request information, etc. All records are available. Please get the facts. Again, as elected officials, we are not able to participate in social media but we are available to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call me or come in and ask questions or share your concerns. All of our financials, meeting minutes, ordinances, etc. are on this website. Hope to see you at our upcoming meetings.

Cathy Bennett
409-429-6752 PS:
All of our ordinances are easily accessed by clicking on the Government tab.

Town Hall Meetings Scheduled To Discuss Bond Election

Two town hall meetings have been scheduled to discuss the upcoming Bond Election:  Tuesday, March 27th at 6:30 PM. and Saturday, April 21st at 10:00 AM at the Ivanhoe Community Center. Be sure and come and be prepared to ask questions and get answers. The engineers and the bond issuers will also be there to give us additional answers. Please come and invite your neighbors.

March is Ivanhoe Clean-Up Month!

If you have old appliances you want to get rid of, please call our Public Works Coordinator at 409-550-9498 to schedule a pick up and/or assistance in getting your things to the street.

Hi Everyone

We have once again experienced an extreme amount of rain in a very short period of time causing our dams to overflow.

Since the event we have concentrated on the most pressing issues such as closing the dams for safety reasons, removing debris from grates and overflow pipes, surveying road damage, etc. That kept us pretty busy.

This morning I finally had a chance to go out on my dock. What I discovered was that I was missing a stack of 5 chairs that I kept out there. I also found someone’s brown table base that washed up from somewhere.

I am not concerned about my chairs. What I am concerned about is that I could not find them. The water is murky due to the extremely heavy flow and with the power of that flow, my chairs and who knows what other furniture/or other things may have been washed away from our docks or lake-shore and they are under the water SOMEWHERE.

It is a holiday weekend and I am thrilled to see so many folks here to enjoy the beauty of Ivanhoe and the fun the lakes and water-sports provide. I do want to ask everyone to be cautious of the fact that there could be things under the water that we do not see and to play with caution especially closer in to shore.

If anyone would like to report missing items so that they can be returned if found, feel free to call me or the office or email me and we will try to assist in locating what we can.

Have a wonderful, safe and blessed Easter Weekend!

Cathy Bennett


Hi Everyone

Once again we have been battered by another rain event which has damaged our roads even more. We received approximately 10 inches of rain in a 16-hour period, and water topped not only our concrete dams but also came over our emergency spillways on our other lakes. This amount of rain plays havoc on our streets. We ask for your patience as we work on repairs. Also, we would ask that you call our Public Works Coordinator, David Marshall to report issues/make inquiries – 409-550-9498.

As everyone knows by now, we acquired a dump truck which has enabled us to schedule the purchase of material and transport material to our job sites without having to be subject to someone else’s schedule or truck availability, not to mention not having to pay the $55 per hour for the use of one. This is actually saving us money and allowing us to work faster and more efficiently.

We have scheduled a workshop for Thursday evening the 5th of April to discuss adjusting the proposed map for the Bond Election and to address questions that arose from the first Town Hall Meeting. We are hoping that folks can attend in order to get up-to-date accurate information.

Also, on the same evening we are going to look at the purchase of a maintainer so that we can work more efficiently on our dirt roads.

There has been criticism regarding our acquiring equipment, but it is always less costly if you are able to do your own work and not have to pay someone overhead. The other issue with us is being able to be in control of scheduling. The blessing we have now is that David Marshall is not only certified to operate the maintainer, he is also able to train operators. This is huge for us.

We currently have 4 workers on the road crew, two of which are being paid through Work Force Solutions. We also have a new member of our office staff, Malaise Taylor, through the same program.

Mallisie and CD are working together on the FEMA claims for both Harvey and the 2015 flood event. As mentioned earlier, we have been battered by weather events and do not have the funds to do all the work necessary but are doing what we can to get assistance.

We do hope everyone will come out for the upcoming meetings and for the next Town Hall Meeting the 21st of April. We also encourage everyone to come in and ask questions. We are available.

Hope to see you soon,
Cathy Bennett



Addressing some questions:

How do we know you won’t spend the money on something else?

  • Any time Bonds are issued, the funds are, by law, only spent on what the Bonds were issued for. In this case, road work.
  • A Separate Bank Account must be established
  • Everything is audited by professionals.
  • All of the City’s accounts are Public Record

Cost to the property owner at current interest rates:

  • 27 Cents per hundred valuation
  • Appraised values are public record. You can go to the following link and put your name in to see what your property is valued at: https://propaccess.trueautomation.com/clientdb/?cid=50
  • Bonds will not be issued for at least 1 ½ years
  • The Bonds will not be issued for at least a year and a half since we will be applying for a grant using that $2,000,000 as our 25% of $8,000,000. While there is no guarantee, there is a possibility and it is certainly worth trying as that amount would enable us to address every road in the City to some level. See Councilman Herrington’s presentation.
  • Since the Bonds will not be issued for at least a year and a half and ongoing roadwork will be done in the meantime; the actual decision about exactly where the $2,000,000/$8,000,000 of roadwork would be done would have to be made at that time. An advisory committee was suggested to give input.

Advisory Committee:

David Marshall (TxDot retired), Steve Melton (TxDot employee), Chris Ard (Gulf Coast road construction 23 years), Bob Mosier, David Herrington, CD Woodrome, Rowland Priddy, Cathy Bennett

Dale Freeman was also suggested as a member of committee since he was the apparent leader of the opposition group and had concerns about how and where the money would be spent. He has declined. If he wishes to reconsider, he would certainly be welcome.

How did we get here?

  • Budget is limited and we are faced with failing roads.
  • Not seeing any way to resolve the problem with the budget we have, we called in the experts to teach us how Bonds were issued, etc.
    • Bond Training
    – U S Capital Advisors education about bond issuance and how it works.
    – Creighton, Fox, Johnson & Mills Attorneys are serving as our legal advisors.

Road Assessment was done by LJA Engineering

  • Roads were chosen based on A&M findings and economic development
  • Situation and road condition will be different by the time bonds are issued. See above.

Saturday, May 19th, 10:00 AM

Representatives from TxDOT will be here in Ivanhoe Saturday, May 19th at 10:00 AM to discuss the proposed US Hwy. 69 Corridor.

This is extremely important for our community and our county as a whole as it can greatly affect our future economic development.

Please plan on being here to hear the proposal and to give input. They are very interested in our feedback so your presence is important.

Meeting will be held in the Ivanhoe Civic Center, 870 Charmaine Dr E.


Hi Everyone!

One of the main things I wanted to tell you about this month was an economic advisor who will be visiting Ivanhoe in July. This is through a grant program that Lonnie Hunt, the Executive Director of DETCOG told us about. Here is the letter that he wrote to me and to the coordinator of the program:

Louise and Cathy,

I’d like to take this opportunity to connect the two of you.

Louise Anderson is coordinating a program through the International Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) whereby professional economic development specialists volunteer a week of their time to come and work with local communities that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Cathy Bennett is the Mayor of the City of Ivanhoe in Tyler County, Texas. Ivanhoe was impacted by Hurricane Harvey and is within the Presidential Disaster Declaration area.

Ivanhoe faces some very unique challenges. It is a fairly new city of about 1,500 residents with very little commercial tax base. It was originally developed years ago as a residential/resort community. They are in great need of economic development. And they realize it and are eager to begin work to make things happen – they just need help getting a game plan that will lead to success.

Louise, would you please reach out to Mayor Bennett at coicathybennett@gmail.com and get whatever information you need from her to see if you are able to place an IEDC volunteer in the City of Ivanhoe?

Please let me know whatever else I can do to assist in this process.


We have been in communication with the person who will be coming here and she has asked numerous questions regarding our city, some of which we will be turning to you, the residents, to help us answer. We will be posting these questions on the website, sending emails and asking that you repost to the various Facebook pages. Everyone’s input is important so we look forward to hearing from you.

On another note, it has been decided that the Golf Cart Parade, normally scheduled on the same day as our Fireworks display, will be canceled this year due to so many of us dealing with health issues in our families. We hope to resume it for next year.

Finally, we invite you to come to our City Council Meetings which are held the second Thursday of each month. It is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors and to be informed about what is going on in your city.

Hope to see you there!
Cathy Bennett

Inquiry Into Harvey Damage

As many of you may know, the City has applied for assistance with infrastructure repair due to Hurricane Harvey damage.

What we have recently found out is that there was more damage to homes here in Ivanhoe than we realized. Since individuals report damage to either their insurance companies or ask for assistance through FEMA and not through the City, we are not made
aware of the amount of damage.

Since damage to homes is a major priority for funding, it would benefit us to know how many homes were affected by the Hurricane. This could help us in our quest for assistance in
addressing the need for improved drainage.

If you would please let us know if your home was one of the ones affected, it would certainly help. Please send us an email or give us a call. This information can be valuable to our community.



This survey was posted on two Facebook pages here in Ivanhoe. We are sending it via email and posting it on our website in order to reach those who may not be part of those Facebook pages. If you have already answered the survey questions, please disregard. If you have not, please respond. YOUR INPUT IS IMPORTANT!

Courtney Zaugg shared a link.

Good morning. My name is Courtney Zaugg, and I am a consultant assisting the City of Ivanhoe. I would like the community’s input on assets and challenges to economic growth. Please click this link to take a confidential survey:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/cityofivanhoe.

As you may know, the International Economic Development Council, with the support of the U.S. Economic Development Administration, is coordinating volunteer assistance for economic recovery following Hurricane Harvey to the City of Ivanhoe, Texas.

This grant program is offered to Ivanhoe free of charge to help your community plan for the future and its economic development. We understand the financial challenges you face and are here to help identify opportunities to grow your economy. The Action Plan is facilitated by the consulting firm The Veridus Group.

This survey will help identify both assets and challenges in order to build new strategies for the City of Ivanhoe based on national best practices. The implementation of the Action Plan will lay the foundation for Ivanhoe to fuel the economy for businesses and residents to thrive.

Please note that this survey is confidential and no personal contact information will be collected. If you have any questions, please email czaugg@theveridusgroup.com. Thank you.


FIRST: As many of you know already we had a visit from Economic Adviser, Courtney Zaugg last week. This was through a grant at no cost to us. She actually volunteered her time. She brought ideas to the table and gave us things to think about and do.

She has not yet submitted her final report and she still has the survey up on the FB pages and our website. She asked me to remind you that if you have not yet done so, to please take a little time and answer the survey questions. Your voice/opinion is important. All responses are totally confidential. Your name does not appear anywhere.

SECOND: TAN Healthcare will be here at the Community Center the 10th and the 14th to sign people up for the program and/or make appointments to see their Nurse Practitioner.

They will be utilizing the Sub-Station at the entrance to Ivanhoe for their monthly visits. If the demand is there, they will add days.

This is a great benefit to our community. Anyone is able to take advantage of the service, even if you do not have insurance.

They have requested that you bring the following:
– If you have insurance, bring your card along with your picture ID.
– If you do not have insurance, bring proof of address and proof of income along with your picture ID.
– If you have questions please call: 409-550-1067.


Here is the Presentation that Councilman Herrington has put together for our upcoming Town Hall Meetings which are scheduled for October 4th at 6:30 PM and October 13th at 11:30 AM.

Ivanhoe Proposed
Road Bond Presentation

We hope that having this available prior to the meetings will answer some of your questions and bring to mind other questions that you may have after seeing it.

City of Ivanhoe Council has elected to hold a $2,000,000
Bond Election on November 6th.

The decision was made after much debate but we feel that there is no other way to deal with the situation we have with our roads. The roads are deteriorating noticeably day to day. Our road crew has to continually patch the same areas of our main roads. Every rain brings more pot holes and this is due to the age and condition of the road base.

The plan presented for this election will be much different from the previous plan. The original map had been done prior to Harvey and totally based on economic development. We realized that having heard the concerns of our residents and having experienced Harvey we needed to rethink the plan.

The map that Councilman Herrington has proposed will include main access roads to each area of the city and will provide adequate evacuation routes in the event of hurricanes or other flooding.

We have held two Workshops to discuss the plan and are now scheduling a meeting with a group of experts to make sure that the cost estimate Councilman Herrington has come up with is accurate.

We have scheduled two Town Hall meetings to present the proposal. One is for Thursday, October 4th at 6:30 PM and one for Saturday October 13th at 11:30 AM following the monthly IPOIA meeting. The two dates, one during the week and one on a weekend are intended to serve the most residents possible.

We attempted to live stream the last workshop but were not able to do so (technical difficulty). With the help of Vance Townsend with Ivanhoe Internet, we are hoping to be able to stream both of the Town Hall Meetings.

If you are unable to attend and have questions, feel free to send them to us prior to the meetings so that they can be addressed at the meetings: coicityofivanhoe@gmail.com or coicathybennett@gmail.com. Via text at 409-429-6752.

Our community is facing a huge problem and based on our current income we do not have the funds to address it. Let’s come together and work toward a solution. We are open to input and suggestions.

We hope to see you at the meetings. Your input is important.


We held our second Town Hall Meeting regarding the Bond Election on Saturday the 13th. If you were unable to attend and wish to see it, it is on YouTube.

If anyone needs any further information, please call 409-429-6752 or email Mayor Bennett.



Early voting will begin this coming Monday, October 22nd. I am attaching the Early Voting Schedule. Early Voting takes place at the Nutrition Center in Woodville and the Regular Election, Tuesday, Nov 6th will be held at Hillister Baptist Church. The addresses are included in the attachment.


Also, we want to remind everyone that the First Annual Ivanhoe Arts and Crafts Festival will be taking place this Saturday the 20th in and around the Community Center, 870 Charmaine Dr E. It will be from 9AM to 4PM with an Auction held at 3PM. There will also be silent Auctions which you can sign up for. It is a great time to do a little Christmas shopping!! If you wish to enter the Festival, please contact Shirley Henderson at: 409-200-0283.

Here is the Presentation made by Councilman Herrington at the October 4th Town Hall Meeting. You will note some changes from the one previously posted.

Ivanhoe Road Bond

The following are questions regarding the upcoming Bond Election proposed by Ms. Mona Davis. I answered most of them and then forwarded the list to James Gilley, Jr of U.S. Capital Advisors for review of my answers and to get answers to the ones I felt needed to be answered by them. The answers highlighted in yellow were from Mr. Gilley.

We sincerely appreciate Ms. Davis interest and her willingness to bring forward questions that many folks may have had.

Hope to see you all at the Town Hall Meeting the 4th of October at 6:30 PM or the 13th of October at 11:30 AM.

Cathy Bennett

1. What is on the ballot? 



2. How was this bond program developed?

  • Realizing that the budget was not adequate for the road work that needed to be done, Councilman David Herrington arranged for a training to be held in January of 2017 to educate council members about the options available. Jim Gilley and James Gilley, Jr. attended representing U.S. Capital Advisors LLC (this is the City’s financial advisor and facilitates the sale of the bonds) and Lance Fox, with Creighton, Fox, Johnson & Mills, PLLC (bond counsel).
  • Later, LJA engineering provided us with an estimate for the repair of what were considered to be our main roads (as suggested by Texas A & M)- After much consideration, it was decided to move forward with the bond issue in May of 2018 (a year and a half later).
  • Since the original estimate, we have experienced a hurricane and a major flood event, which has caused major additional damage. This along with feedback from our citizens has caused us to revisit the original map and come up with a different plan.

3. What are the major and minor features of this bond?

  • The bond issuance as proposed would have a financing term of approximately 20 years. The bonds would be paid in annual principal installments and semi-annual interest installments. The total annual payments would be approximately equal from one year to the next (i.e. level debt service payments, not variable rate). The City’s financial advisor estimates an interest rate between 4.0% and 5.0%, although that is subject to change based on market conditions.

4. Would local workers have an opportunity to assist with the projects should the Bond Proposal pass?

  • As with any project of this magnitude, City Council is required to go out for bids. This opens up the opportunity to anyone who bids. There are requirements that companies must meet in order to qualify.
    If the question is regarding individuals working on the project, they would have to be employed by the company that wins the bid. Our current road crew is made up of Ivanhoe residents but this will be work that we will have to contract out.

5. What is the impact on my taxes? And when exactly does repayment start? Before bonds are sold or after?

  • The figure we were given by the Bond company on August 24th was .2707 cents per one hundred dollars of assessed value. Your tax bill lists your value.
    An example would be if your home is valued at $50,000 your annual cost would be approximately $135.00 per year or $11.28 per month. Here are some other examples of MONTHLY costs:
  • Property values are public record and in order to provide information to all of our citizens we have taken the list of values and figured the cost for each property owner. This information will be available at the Town Hall Meetings. If you are not able to attend, you can look on your tax bill to get your value or you can go on the tylercad.net, click on Property Search and once you have your value, you can multiply by .0027 to get your ANNUAL cost.
  • Repayment begins in the Fiscal Year following the sale of the bonds. This is AFTER the bonds are sold.

6. How are neighboring districts addressing the aging condition of their schools?

  • The City of Ivanhoe is pretty much divided down the middle with half of our students attending Warren ISD schools and half attending Woodville ISD.
  • The City has NOTHING to do with school districts and would not have access to any of this information.

7. What can the bond funds be used for?

  • By law, Bond funds can ONLY be used for the purpose stated in the Proposition stated on the Ballot. A separate bank account would be established for these funds so that they can be accounted for separately. This is closely audited.

8. What can the bond funds NOT be used for?

  • Bond funds cannot be used for any other purpose.
  • For clarification purposes, the proposed costs total approximately $1,700,000. The other $300,000 is to cover the cost of engineering, bond issuance and legal costs. These are all required and typical.

9. What happens if the bond fails?

  • As mentioned above, we have literally been in survival mode from the time we incorporated and before. The problem we are facing today is that the roads have reached the end of their useful life. They are deteriorating so rapidly that the difference can be seen daily. If we do not do something to improve the condition of the roads, they will be totally lost.
  • Our highest hope is that we are able to attain a grant that we will apply for immediately following the election. In order to apply for the grant, we have to have our 25%. If the bond issue passes, we can apply using the authority to sell the bonds as our 25%. We had spoken about this before the May election and the deadline for submitting the grant application has been extended to the end of November. Our plan is to apply for a grant of $8,000,000.00 If we were able to get the grant we could address every road in the city. Not all of them would be the same surface but according to TxDOT engineering figures, we could do some work on all of them with this amount of money. The estimate that Councilman Herrington and his advisors came up with prior to the May election also includes $60,000 per mile for drainage. One of the huge problems we have is drainage and it must be addressed if we want to protect the roads we improve.

10. What is the breakdown of total estimated costs for the bond program by the city?

  • We estimate that the total costs of issuance associated with the issuance of bonds would be approximately 3.5% of the principal amount.

11. Doesn’t someone have to buy the bonds to start and finish the projects?

  • If the City is successful in selling the bonds to an investor, the proceeds from the bond sale would be used to fund the street improvement project. Unless other funds are available, the City would not have funds to start the project until the bonds are successfully sold and the transaction closed.

12. Is there candidates to buy the bonds?

  • It is too early in the process to select a candidate to buy the bonds, but the City’s financial advisor believes there is a good chance the City would be successful in finding potential investors. The City’s financial advisor plans to offer the bonds via a competitive sale method, through which process multiple investors will have the opportunity to submit offers to buy the City’s bonds. If it is deemed necessary to conduct a negotiated sale (i.e. preselect a purchaser, or “underwriter”), the City will have the opportunity to review potential underwriters and select one that best meets the City’s needs.

13. If the bonds aren’t bought how is the city going to complete these projects?

  • Although there is no guarantee, the City’s financial advisor believes there is a good chance the City would be successful in selling the bonds.

14. And if bonds aren’t sold in the time frame, are we as a city still stuck paying the bond back?

  • If the bond election passes, that simply gives the City the authority to issue bonds. It does not obligate the City to actually sell bonds. In fact if the election passed, the City could decide to never issue the bonds and therefore the City would never have any payments. The City is under no obligation to make any payments until the bonds are successfully sold and project funds are delivered.

15. What’s the timeframe on these bonds?

  • Generally speaking, bonds such as these take approximately 60-90 days to issue. However due to the timing in which the City would be able to levy a tax to pay these bonds, if the November 2018 election is successful we expect the City might not issue the bonds until summer 2019 or later.


The City of Ivanhoe is working with other jurisdictions to update the Hazard Mitigation Action Plan. This is important to the City and Tyler County because any future grants for improving drainage, streets and other infrastructure the City or the County applies for, will require the Hazard Mitigation Action Plan being in place. Begin by completing this survey.

The survey will take about 5 minutes and we appreciate your time. If you are unsure how to answer a question, don’t worry about it, pick the choice that seems best for you. If you have difficulty with the survey on-line, printed copies are available at the City Hall, and can be completed and turned in there as well.

The second thing to do will be to attend the County Town Hall meeting Thursday evening Nov. 15th at the Tyler County Nutrition Center (same building where early voting took place). The meeting will begin at 6 PM and last 1 hour. If you need more information please contact the City Hall at 409-283-3299.