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Jan. 21 – TWDB Project Completed

We recently completed construction of a bridge on Ivanhoe Drive which all of our residents have seen and utilized. This being our main road which is the only Egress and Ingress for most of the community was washing out, which caused not only an access concern but also a safety concern. This bridge has eliminated that problem.

We were fortunate enough to have received funding for the project through the Texas Water Development State Revolving Fund. It is important for the public to know where that funding came from and how it was utilized. The following is a description of the project:

  • Name of Project:  Ivanhoe Emergency Egress Safety Enhancement, City of Ivanhoe
  • Name of CWSRF Administering Agency: Texas Water Development Board
  • Funded in whole or in part by CWSRF: Partially funded by CWSRF
  • Brief description of project:  The project includes funding for planning, design, and construction of enlarged culverts with head walls, an elevated roadway surface, and guard rails to reduce storm water flow velocities and erosion in the channel.

A huge thank you goes out to the Texas Water Development Board for their assistance in solving a major problem that we did not have the means to resolve. 

The photographs that follow are of the finished project:

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Jan. 26


Feb. 18 – Galahad Dam Closure

Starting week of Feb 21, Galahad Dam will be closed until further notice. Please use detour signs to reach the Galahad area.